Complementing your appearance is just fine but sometimes you just want to break the rules..

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In today’s world, it’s just as popular to wear black eyeglass frames with slight and slim lines as it is to wear eye-popping Sally Jesse Raphael early-1980’s glaring red frames. There are so many colors to choose from that you could buy a different pair for just about every day of the year and not have enough colored clothes to match.

Popular today are bold colors as well as skin tone, hair and eye color-flattering colors. Let’s start with the flattering colors, shall we?Frame Colors to Complement Your Personal Colors

We all know that skin tone is largely classified as either warm or cool in terms of color. Cool skin tones have blue or pink undertones and warm ones have a peaches and cream, golden or bronze cast.

• For warm skin tones, the most flattering colors include Coral, Brown, Honey, Copper, Tortoise, Bronze, Gold and the semi-bolder Aqua.
• For cool skin tones, the most flattering colors include the eye-popping bolder colors of Violet, Pink, Blue-gray and Blue as well as the more traditional Black, Charcoal, Gunmetal, Pewter and Silver.

Hair color also plays a major part in your personal appearance and style. Even though there are some that enjoy dyeing their hair bold colors such as bright blue, green, etc., this is typically for the younger crowd.

More traditional hair colors are also classified by warm and cool colors. Hair color that’s considered warm include flat black, brown, dark brown, light brown and blond and cool colors include blue-black, silver, auburn and strawberry blond. The best frame colors by hair color are actually the same as for skin tone but if you’re hair color doesn’t fall within these rules, go with your skin-tone instead. Then you’ll never go wrong.For eye color-flattering frames, you do not want your eyeglasses to overpower the color of your eyes. If your eyes are black, brown or green, the darker and more vibrant colors which are particularly in style today are just the thing. If your eyes are lighter in color such as light blue, the most complementary are frames with more subtle colors.

Complementing your appearance is just fine but sometimes you just want to break the rules. Dramatic looks are just as in as ever. Of course, if you’re still uncertain, professionals can help you every step of the way, like those at Elegant Eyes. They have three locations in New Jersey so stop in and they will definitely help you find just the right flattering or bold frames just for you.

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